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Catering is "What We Do!" So Let Us Cater to You!   Lake Norman Catering - Langtree LKN 

Once you have Registered Here, our Event Coordinator will reach back to you quickly. We will work with you to create a Catering Proposal or BEO (Banquet Event Order) that starts the process and email you the Link to Your Guest Portal. You can view the document and communicate directly with Our Team, review and respond to any discussions and see the entire process LIVE! Make any changes, and it gets updated. Sign Electronically, make a Secured payment, communicate up to the day of your Wedding or Event and its on Your Secured Guest Portal.

That's is How it Should be Done.

* Full Service Catering & Event Coordination * Beverage Services * Vendor & Hospitality Coordination * We use our Culinary Expertise and years of experience to Cater to You!. 

We can Design, Plan, Coordinate and Accomplish Successful Catered Events from small Private Events to 500+ Catered & Plated Fine Dining! 

* Pulled Pork to Filet mignon * Southern Home-Style to Fancy Surf & Turf * Corporate Boxed Meals * Buffet to Full Plated to Action Stations * 

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